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French President Francois Hollande, left, greets Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe as he arrives for a meeting at the Elysee Palace in Paris on Monday.

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    Aaww, they're so close they're kissing by fusing their nose

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    Guys, don't look at this picture for too long .... and don't eat breakfast before looking!

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    Mr Abe must have been very impressed by shake-hands with Mr Trump.

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    "Strangers in the night ..."

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    V O M - I T!

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    Are they sharing one nose?

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    Aly Rustom

    That picture might explain why Akie Abe supports LGBT rights...

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    ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

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    Eskimo kiss

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    hahahahahaha Abe's going for it!

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    Yeah, not something to see while having breakfast.

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    Excruciatingly uncomfortable, deserving of a prior public warning notice to viewers of an impending unbearably embarrassing display of extreme exchange greetings clumsiness.

    There really should be internationally defined set limits for world leaders to publicly search for there inner Eskimo. Shudder!

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    Why choose this image. Like these shooter bridge all their shooting with three half stop both side of the correct F Stop. Know how you hear continuous shuttering during these photo ops. For each time you depress the shutter button it automatically takes 6 frames a at 6 descending haft stops . I say they choose this image from the free stock which is available to clients.

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    Well although it's not that uncommon for French men to kiss each other (on the cheek that is), someone should have told Abe that a/it's usually between close friends, b/hugging & attempt kissing (simultaneously) a 'colleague' is a whole different story!

    Having said that reckon both men desperately needed 'some' affection, from anyone.

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    Alfie Noakes

    Francois going for a reach-around there. Well, Shinzo said he wanted to keep the sea lanes open!

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    Mr. Noidall

    At least this time Abe's kissing the proper end.

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    Hmmmm.... Being seen with Hollande is not a positive. He has done an awful job in France over the term of his Presidency. The picture of him philandering and being caught on the back of a moped remains an all time low for the prestige of the French Presidency.

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    I think the nose area should be pixelated.

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    Trumpy is not gonna like this,Abe is cheating!!

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    Louis Amsel

    He's just "bro up" with every country to have them send war ships to SCS

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    They couldn't quite make it up the steps and into the hotel room first.

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    Remind you, since 1947. hugging or kissing in public are crime of one of two remaining moral laws. Abe is aware. He watched Kashima almost fell on ground to avoid a US dignitary's hugging a couple years ago.

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    As might be expected from French President, but Abe may have never thought he would be welcomed in such a way. That said, it seems not altogether displeasing.

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    Being seen with Hollande is not a positive. He has done an awful job in France over the term of his Presidency.

    Same with ABE, they are sharing quite a lot actually... in the failure department, but to choose between a failure and another one, I will ever prefer the one that is not spreading right wing nationalism and hate of the others...

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    Glad they didn't show the next frame..... when the tongue comes out. It's just bro love.

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