JT Tech Show: Reno talks personalized medicine with Eli Lyons

Join Reno Tibke, editor of Akihabara News, on the JT Tech show for an interview with Eli Lyons, the Chief Development Officer at Molcure Inc., which is an antibody-drug-focused biopharmaceutical start-up company. This not-so-technical discussion gives you a look at antibody discovery, why it is important, the role it plays in personalized medicine, and the need to make the process cheaper.

Reno and Eli also talk about the playing field for start-ups and the level of innovation (sometimes lack thereof) in Japan, events for start-ups and incubators. Eli is a wealth of knowledge on this subject as he is currently involved with multiple start-ups while currently being a Ph.D student at the University of Tokyo.

In addition to this interview, Reno brings us up to date on Japan tech news and the new 10% sales tax on digital goods and services purchased in Japan from abroad whereas offshore vendors would be required to make tax payments to Japan.

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Reno Tibke
Reno Tibke
Reno Tibke is an editor at AkihabaraNews.
Website: http://akihabaranews.com/

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