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Sumo is considered by many to be Japan’s unofficial national sport. With a long history, complex rituals and spectacular matches, sumo is a fascinating journey into the heart and soul of Japan.

We are also pleased to support the Knights in White Lycra and their charity ride to raise money for the recovery work in Minamisanriku. The riders are Tokyo-based salarymen who plan to ride the 465 kms from Tokyo to Minamisanriku, in less than four days. To find out more information about their ride and lend your support visit their Facebook page.

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Anthony Joh
Anthony Joh
The GPod is a weekly podcast brought to you by GaijinPot. Join host Anthony Joh as he brings you stories of life in Japan, direct from the people who live here.
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    Peter Payne

    "Unofficial national sport"? It it actually the national sport of Japan.

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    Unofficial national sport? It it actually the national sport of Japan.

    perhaps it is now 'unofficial' national sport because it is dominated by the foreign wrestlers (!)

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    Too bad the Sumo Kyokai association yanked the Ustream all day live broadcast off the internet, and then relentlessly pursued others who streamed it. Way to go! Now it is harder than ever to stay interested in the national "sport".

    And, by the way, it's NOT a sport. It's a way of life.

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    Micheal Rhian Driscoll

    @some14some .... why can't the Japanese appreciate that "foreign wrestlers," appreciate & try to learn & live something of Japanese culture. What is the problem with people of other countries - and let's face it - other races - liking & maybe emulating aspects of Japan.

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    Annie Perriment

    I've never been to Japan but I love sumo, what little I've seen on TV. Many years ago, there was an English language late night show here in the US called Today's Japan. We LOVED that show, watched it as often as we could - often while working late at the office. They always featured the sumo tournaments and the news readers seemed very exited when they were able to turn to the sumo portion of the show. I well remember watching Akebono, Musashimaru, Takatoriki, Chiyonofuji, Takanohana, Konishiki, and others. I even bought some sumo guidebooks to better understand the sport. When my daughter Meghan was born in 1999, we sometimes called her "Megabono" or "Megatoriki" for her fighting spirit.

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