JT Tech Show -- Interview Peter Rothenberg at Eigooo.com!

Join Reno Tibke, editor of Akihabara News, on the JT Tech show for an interview with Peter Rothenberg, founder and operator of Eigooo, a startup English learning app launched just last week. And, on this week’s show, you can win an Eigooo dinosaur T-shirt & sticker!

Peter’s a young guy with a lot of energy, and it really comes across. In describing what his app does, Peter talks about his own history studying Japanese by texting, and how this inspired him to create an app that would help his Japanese friends do the same with English. Peter’s app puts a new twist on the idea by putting live, real-time teachers on the other end of the app.

Reno and Peter explore the methodology behind learning a language in this somewhat non-traditional, non-intuitive way, and we also learn about Peter’s business plan and how he plans to monetize the fledgling company.

Win a Dinosaur T-shirt!

Listen to the podcast to find out how you can win an Eigooo T-shirt and sticker. Now, we know a T-shirt doesn’t sound like much, but you have to appreciate that these T-shirts are printed with the Eigooo logo: a clever T-REX using a smartphone. It’s cute, and people like cute!

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Reno Tibke
Reno Tibke
Reno Tibke is an editor at AkihabaraNews.
Website: http://akihabaranews.com/

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    I wish I could win the dinosaur t-shirt...

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