The Kong Show celebrates Halloween in Tokyo


Halloween in Japan gets bigger and better each year and has grown into an event with costume contests in various nightclubs starting, in some cases, a week before and lasting a week after Halloween itself.

This year, in the Shibuya area, many streets have been blocked off from traffic so that revelers, including anime characters, monsters, ghouls and beasts could roam, drink and party in the streets. The party atmosphere and creative and colorful costumes attract many photographers and TV camera crews from both in Japan and all over the world.

In our short video you’ll get a glimpse of some of the thousands of partygoers who paraded through the streets many in costumes and others just observing and taking pictures.

To ensure safety, extra police officers have been on duty during this Halloween season to prevent fights, accidents and/or other problems.

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Kamasami Kong
Kamasami Kong
Kong is a long-time radio veteran in Japan, having started in the late 1970s on a record album project with DJ Katsuya Kobayashi and musician Tatsurou Yamashita, called "COME ALONG II." Since then, he has had radio programs on FM YOKOHAMA, INTER-FM, TOKYO-FM and FM802 in Osaka. His programs are currently being heard in the Kansai area on FM COCOLO. He pioneered the Tokyo MetPod, and is now publishing the Kong Show, a podcast featuring news, interviews, entertainment and more.
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    Why is the video 95% woman? Did no guys dress up or the cameraman only film girls?

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    I finally have a reason to go to Tokyo.

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    The video didn't live up to my expectations after seeing the picture. As for Halloween, I wish it would grow bigger for kids as well. My daughter's school didn't do anything for Halloween, although Kumon had a little party.

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    Bat girl at 23 seconds is a cutie.

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