The Kong Show: Thanksgiving at the Grand Hyatt Tokyo's Oak Door restaurant


The American Thanksgiving holiday will be celebrated in an ever-growing number of hotels and restaurants all around Japan this year, and in this short video report, we’re focusing on the feast at Grand Hyatt Tokyo’s Oak Door restaurant being prepared by Chef de Cuisine, Adam Noffsinger.

The following menu will be available for three days from Nov 24-26. The menu for Thanksgiving will include:

- Autumn greens salad, shaved apple, celery root, hazelnuts
- Sun-choke soup, bacon cream, garlic chips
- Whole roast turkey, cornbread stuffing, mashed potato
- Green bean casserole, candied sweet potatoes, cranberry sauce, gravy
- Pecan and pumpkin pie with caramel ice cream

In our short video, Chef Noffsinger describes his special Thanksgiving menu as only a true chef can. He’ll also provide some tips, talk about prices and introduce their Thanksgiving turkey burger. The turkey burger will be available for lunch in the main dining room and at night at the bar until the end of this month.

The 4-course meal will be available for groups in the private dining room from Nov 24-26 but also available to order a la carte in the main dining room.

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Kamasami Kong
Kamasami Kong
Kong is a long-time radio veteran in Japan, having started in the late 1970s on a record album project with DJ Katsuya Kobayashi and musician Tatsurou Yamashita, called "COME ALONG II." Since then, he has had radio programs on FM YOKOHAMA, INTER-FM, TOKYO-FM and FM802 in Osaka. His programs are currently being heard in the Kansai area on FM COCOLO. He pioneered the Tokyo MetPod, and is now publishing the Kong Show, a podcast featuring news, interviews, entertainment and more.
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    A restaurant only affordable for bankers and lawyers. Y10,000 per head! Shouldnt Japan Today be writing festive restaurant articles for the vast majority of expats in Japan - teachers, healthcare workers, office workers, blue-collar workers, families with children who cannot afford a Y10,000 per head meal? My advice - buy your own ingredients and cook at home.

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    Have you seen the price of a skinny turkey in National Azabu? Shameful.

    Have you seen the size of a typical Japanese oven? Shameful.

    Make friends with someone on one of the US bases, get invited over, and bring lots of gifts.

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    Why would Japanese celebrate an American thanksgiving holiday? Will they celebrate Burns' Night? Bastille Day? St Crispin's Day?

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    Nothing like the smell of cooking turkey, mashed potatoes, gravy and stuffing and watching it snow.

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    Tom Webb

    Hope all the expats had a great Thanksgiving dinner! We enjoyed turkey, ham and roast beef with all the trimmings and salads, and pies, and shrimp cocktail, spiced apple drinks, etc, etc. Looking forward to Christmas dinner with son coming home for vacation. So stuffed that I can't move!!

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