The Kong Show visits Osaka's Ebisu festival


In this edition our video podcast it’s all about an exciting event in Osaka called TOKA EBISU, or as the locals call it “Ebe-san.” This huge event is held in the Imamiya area of Osaka every Jan 9-11.

Every year more than one million people make the pilgrimage from locations all over Japan to attend this colorful, festive and somewhat religious event primarily to pray for success in their various businesses to Ebisu, the patron god of business, money and fisheries.

This event features all kinds of aromatic and delicious foods, like frankfurters, squid on the grill, takoyaki, cotton candy, candy apples, sweet hot sake, chicken steak, yakisoba and so many other items that you’ll see in this video. 

Those business owners hoping to receive the blessings of Ebisu buy lucky bamboo branches adorned with lucky charms decorated by these lovely and specially selected “Fuku Musume” (lucky shrine maidens) who, as you will see, are all dressed in white kimonos with ostentatious head gear.

This events ends at 9 p.m. each night. Admission is free. If you happen to be visiting or living in Japan ... don’t miss your chance to experience this festival. If you miss it this year, then mark it in your calendar for next year.

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Kamasami Kong
Kamasami Kong
Kong is a long-time radio veteran in Japan, having started in the late 1970s on a record album project with DJ Katsuya Kobayashi and musician Tatsurou Yamashita, called "COME ALONG II." Since then, he has had radio programs on FM YOKOHAMA, INTER-FM, TOKYO-FM and FM802 in Osaka. His programs are currently being heard in the Kansai area on FM COCOLO. He pioneered the Tokyo MetPod, and is now publishing the Kong Show, a podcast featuring news, interviews, entertainment and more.
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    I agree, the festival has a lot of excitement (constant chanting) which is perfect for encouraging an exciting business year !

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    Bob Tobin

    Love this. Great video. Thanks Kong.

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