Abe arrives in Washington for summit with Obama

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    “This is less a visit about tangible deliverables, of which I expect there will be relatively few of prominence, and more about the symbolism of reinforcing the strength of the U.S.-Japan alliance,” he said

    Abe will be back with a long list of US Directives that will include not to revise BOJ law, not to revise apology to 'comfort women' issue etc.....

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    The time has come when we actually reveal to the prime minister our intentions to force China into a more amenable posture. We intend that Japan explore and exploit the energy resources in the Senkakus to revitalize Japanese industry.

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    lachance Feb. 22, 2013 - 08:31AM JST We intend that Japan explore and exploit the energy resources in the Senkakus to revitalize Japanese industry.

    If Japan has definite ownership of Senkaku/Daioyu islands without doubt, why would Japan offer to explore resources jointly with China? Sounds like a big concession by Japan if you ask me. If Japan owns it, they didn't need to ask China. It shows Japan has a weak claim and they know it.

    This already happened few years ago. The solution to the competing claims emerged in 2008, when Japan and China reached a principled consensus on joint development of an area that includes the potentially gas-rich Chunxiao/Shirakaba field. However, the 2010 ramming of Japanese Coast Guard cutters by a Chinese fishing boat and the subsequent arrest of the Chinese captain by the Japanese, have halted all movement toward formalizing the 2008 consensus.

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    This is the most important meeting for Japan/US in decades. Gambattekudasai!!!!

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    I am posting an article on China Daily.

    China is watching this talk in Washington very carefully. Sounds like China wants this meeting to STALL?

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    Sounds like China wants this meeting to STALL?

    In my opinion, that article on China Daily is pretty realistic. If this meeting will stall, it won't be because China wants it, but because it's not in USA interests to be involved in the Senkaku/Diaoyu dispute, but they could take advantage of a war between China and Japan. You could find interesting this article and the commentes about it. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/opinion/2013/02/13/commentary/japan-as-a-normal-country/ USA will say to Japan "sayonara!" in case of conflict with China, imho.

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    There might not be tangible results but the timing of this meeting will help Abe domestically. And China and NK will find something in the news conference or final statement to get pissed off about. Just wait for their retorts.

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    In an interview with The Washington Post ahead of his trip, Abe voiced hope that the U.S. alliance—and the presence of 47,000 American troops on Japanese soil under a security treaty—would send a message to China.

    Huh? What's the message? That Japan wants to relocate many of these troops to Guam and they can't even get their own citizens in Okinawa to agree to let them move a lousy helicopter base? Abe, like all of his predecessors going back to Koizumi, is just an empty suit, and both the U.S. and China know it. But Obama has to do the dance anyway, because it is better to put up the appearance of a united front. In reality, he knows he can count on nothing that Abe promises. And the Chinese do too. Other than opening up for more U.S. beef, Abe is basically going in completely empty-handed to the meeting. Bet it doesn't even rate significant coverage on the evening news shows here.

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    IRobin, you opinion is correct. It is Japan that has caused this situation. J-Gov't using its media in full force has saturated the airwaves with anything negative they can bring up. We are on the front line so we see and hear all of it. It's definitely a smear campaign.

    The question now is whether Obama can be fooled into believing only one side of the story. Abe, is basically asking for muscle. Can I borrow your 47,000 troops and start a war that will ultimately drag ALL of the U.S into it?

    It's a brilliant plan. Get two of the worlds largest economies into a war with each other China and The U.S. China would retaliate immediately at U.S bases in Japan. Relocation problem solved.

    How to get someone else to do your dirty work for you. In either case its a win-win situation for Japan. Well it could be, but if Obama is smart enough not to get into a fight he's not clear about Japan won't succeed.

    You see 2 guys fighting, it's better just to let them finish it. I've seen what happens when a buddy tries to go in and help his mate. He usually gets it much worse.

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    Tony Ew

    Abe, Please don't try to pull any tricks. We want straight talk from you. This is 21st century and most people can distinguish truth from lies and cunning talk.

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    At this point, avoiding an embarrassment would be a plus.

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    Tony EwFeb. 22, 2013 - 12:53PM JST

    Abe, Please don't try to pull any tricks. We want straight talk from you. This is 21st century and most people can distinguish truth from lies and cunning talk.

    I think Abe has been very direct. What else are you talking about? Please be direct and specific in this matter. Thanks.

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