Abe ready to lift ban on e-campaigning

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    I hope that they do get this old law overturned. Then I hope they make a new one banning loud speaker trucks in residential areas. That would make a lot of people happy :D

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    Is Toru Hashimoto going to receive any punishment for for using twitter?

    I have been told that all the speakers trucks actually announce is, as said above, announce the candidates name and party plus "gambarimasu". I asked why they did not say they want to do and was told that the law does not allow them to, which is absolutely ridiculous.

    It is unclear what gambarimasu means in this context. I personally believe it means "Do your best to put up with the God-awful racket we are making."

    At least they may leave us foreigners of their spam lists.

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    The whole system in this country is ridiculous.

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    I'm with sakural. Spam is much more preferable to those frikking trucks driving around with those shrill women sounding as they are about to orgasm.

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    Iron Clad Templar

    **Excellent thoughts, let there be social media in the next elections. if Abenomics can get the youth of Japan off their collective bottoms to vote in their droves all the better, as only 59% bothered to turn out for the latest one. Carry on with the good work Abe, Mikitani and crew!

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    abe: this may be the only time I agree with you about anything

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    @gaijinfo next time you see one of those trucks, give them a really energetic wave, youll get a equally energetic shrill in return, LOL

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    Hide Suzuki


    LOL, that's really true. I guess they are so used to being ignored so if you wave at them, it makes them soooooo happy !!

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    And I suppose the internet debate was not campaigning? It's about time Japan moves into the 21st Century.

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    Okay the e-campaigning and ban the trucks, campaigning around stations with loud speakers, and walking around screeching. You would save heaps on gasoline to boot!

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    Ban should have been lifted yesterday. Beyond me why DPJ never bothered to push this forward prior to the recent election.

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