Abe says LDP will propose Y200 trillion public works package

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    Abe should explain his "public works" ideas. Does this mean building more roads to nowhere, more citizens' halls that cater to almost no-one? And if he does succeed in his "public works" plans ... he should make sure that politicians do not receive under-the-table payoffs for their favors ...

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    Yes. Making stupid roads and bridge is not a good idea. Make more advanced schools and education systems. Stop selling all these game gadgets from Japan. Control the TV programs in the channels. The future is not on the road but on the children.

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    Y200 tril for public works then how about 5% of it for public (cash handouts) not bad, isn't it?

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    I want a piece of that action. And while he's at it, sell those bonds to the Chinese, like America does, and when they are done and sold, tell them you won't pay it back.

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    Ivan Coughanoffalot

    Wow, what a phenomenal surprise. Abe's big idea to save the Beautiful Japan involves paying a vast amount of money we don't have to the Yakuza-run construction industry to build things we don't need.

    After all, pouring concrete over everything green has done us such a great favour over the last twenty years, hasn't it?

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    ¥200 trillion public works package? Must be some kind of sick joke.

    About 20 months after the 3/11 disasters, there are still 350,000 people living in temporary accommodations. There are others who want to rebuilt their destroyed homes but can't because first the gov't's must build the roads, bridges, sewer systems, electricity, gas, water, telephone lines. Hospitals, schools, community centers. Even though last year, ¥800 billion was set aside to begin the reconstruction work, the people are still waiting.

    After the Hanshin earthquake, Kobe City was good after 5 years, better after 10 years and the reconstruction finished after 15 years, and under budget. The Tohoku reconstruction at the current pace will takes many decades.

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    Taxes are too high and there are too many of them. There needs to be less tax systems, just three or four, for national taxes, local taxes, health and pension, and sales tax.

    Most people should not be paying more than 25% in total in all taxes.

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    Yes. I am sure they will just put the money to concreting more river banks and mountain sides in obscure locations while doing nothing useful for Tohoku or the underfunded education system. And not raise the sales tax? Yeah, right. Nice election promise!

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    The next elected gov't must do something to reduce the level of national debts. About 60% of total gov't income goes to servicing that debt. A five year freeze on all non essential spending.

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    "Must be some kind of sick joke"

    Heck, massive public works spending worked for Obama, the U.S. economy is now... wait a minute...

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    Wow.....All aboard, all aboard the crony gravy train.... This will just do wonders for Japan,s fiscal position won't it...., how much more can these political morons screw this country and their own population?

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    abe your an idiot! This will ONLY increase debt bringing us closer to Greece!

    If your going to print a bunch of YEN give to families so they can pay off their mortgages, so young people can put one on a new house, THEN at least the PEOPLE wud see some benefit.

    The stupid ldp wont do that though they just wanna rack up debt & pilfer the pork!

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    Qasim Shaikh

    Reveals your Ideas Abe

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    The country needs real jobs not invented one, that future generations will have to pay for in debts and taxes.

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    Shinzo Abe says that once in power his party would propose a vast 200 trillion yen public works package and would not feel bound by the present government’s pledge to avoid an increase in borrowing.

    Truly sad. But I guess when your debt to GDP is ratio is over 200% -- easily the highest among the major developed economies -- adding a few more percent is not anything to worry about, right? The LDP learned nothing in its four years out of power. Brighter days are not ahead for Japan.

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    Abe was also quoted as saying that he would consider postponing sales tax increases agreed in August by his party and the ruling Democrats if the economy continued to be mired in deflation.

    There can be no postponement of the tax hike period.if nothing else about Noda,he was prepared to do the unenviable that even the most popular P.M. in koizumi wimped out in doing.

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    In its race to the bottom, Japans cleverdick elitists have one weapon left in their arsenal. The economic Samson Option thatll bring the whole rotten structure crashing down on all out heads. If you think its obscene the way the US is running the money printing presses to debase its currency, you ain`t seen nothing. If the chumps in charge here get their way, the magic pudding will be the new template for fiscal responsibility.

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    Yes, Abe, feed the corruption machine. That will do the trick...

    I just hope the public isn't buying into this bull.

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    Peter Payne

    Good God, I can't believe I thought it'd be good to have them back. That's all they can do is build stuff no one needs. Let's make a Shinkansen to Wakkanai, Hokkaido! A bridge to Okinawa!


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    Y200 trillion! I suppose the LDP have to make up for the past three years of lost bribes. Didn't Abe say last week that he hoped to reduce the budget deficit? It looks like that plan has been thrown out. Endless public waste projects have led to the near-insolvency of the government, but they never learn.

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    realmindNov. 25, 2012 - 05:44PM JST

    Yes. Making stupid roads and bridge is not a good idea. Make more advanced schools and education system s.

    Good post, realmind. Yes, quality of education is a key to a long term success recipe, not roads and bridges.. They are the ones who eventually contribute taxes back to government.

    However, most Japanese post graduates cannot get a true concept in critical thinking that leads to problem solving skills here in US. US public school is a mess, but when it comes to engineering, science, and medicine, US offers the best academic records in the world. We are proud of that.


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