Abe to meet Osaka Mayor Hashimoto on Friday


Prime Minister Shinzo Abe plans to meet with Osaka Mayor Toru Hashimoto and Osaka Gov Ichiro Matsui in Osaka on Friday. Hashimoto is founder of the Nippon Ishin No Kai (Japan Restoration Party), which finished third in the Dec 16 lower house elections, while Matsui is secretary-general.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Yoshihide Suga told reporters Wednesday that Abe is looking for Hashimoto’s support for a speedy enactment of supplementary budget for fiscal 2012, Fuji TV reported.

During the election campaign, both Hashimoto and Abe said it would be difficult to work together as they differed on key policy issues. After the LDP took power on Dec 26, Hashimoto said the Japan Restoration Party was willing to explore alliances with smaller opposition parties to prevent the LDP and its partner, the New Kometo Party, from taking control of the upper house in next summer’s election. Hashimoto has advocated abolishing the upper house.

Abe and Hashimoto do agree on some issues, one of which is revising the Constitution to scrap the war-renouncing Article 9.

Japan Today

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    Hashimoto is an opportunist and he'll 're-adjust' his poistion if he deems its an advantage for him.

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    I can't stand Matsui either. If anyone is riding coattails...

    So what will the conversation be ? How they introduce punishment nation wide to teachers who refuse to sing Kimigayo? Trying to fire those with tattoos across all government jobs? Closing more daycares and libraries? Or perhaps more right wing BS they are both oh so well known for.

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    It surprises me that the people of Osaka don't get on Hashimoto for spending more time on national politics than running their city.

    If Hashimoto wants to run a national party get out of local politics and do it.

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    Yubaru, actually, plenty of people in Osaka are now commenting and complaining about that. It took a while but many are starting to see what a snake this guy is. The thing is Hashi is setting up Matsui to take over when he makes the jump - which i figure he will do within the next 18 months. He's got his little students in the wings that he's training - rather than dealing with the issues in Osaka - to take over over from Matsui.

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    No good idea to renounce war constitution, but US certainly will welcome it :(

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    Abe and Hashimoto do agree on some issues, one of which is revising the Constitution to scrap the war-renouncing Article 9.

    A great news for US. Now Japan is willing to take over our role to be a police in the world. The right wingers who are supporting the change are ready to go. My son (a fighter pilot) can stay at home here. Thanks.

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