Abe visits fishing port in Fukushima; eats locally caught seafood

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    Get Real

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    So? He is old. The question is: would he feed it to his grandchildren?

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    Stunt fish?

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    Anyone else reminded of the old Simpsons episode when Mr. Burns visits for dinner?

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    It's not like you'd drop dead that instant! Let's see him eat it with his family.

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    No thanks

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    It's not like you'd drop dead that instant! Let's see him eat it with his family

    till Fukushima is reconstructed and life returns to normal.

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    What a pathetic gesture. Well, the same trick worked for the Olympic bid, so why not eh?

    Reminds me of a Chernobyl aftermath report on Australia's ABC back then, they interviewed an aging worker in the plant, hands trembling, scooping up a glass of water and drinking it for the camera to 'prove' it's safety while Geiger counters were off the scale all around him.

    My point being, Abe is an Old fellow, the problems of cumulative exposure will not effect him, it's the younger folk they need to think about. Why is that so difficult for these fools to get their head around?

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    Cheap TV camera stunt...eating one piece of fish or whatever seafood once ( that was probably triple checked and vetted by his " advisors ") does not change a thing. as mentioned above - would he feed it daily to his grandchildren? Wanna erase any misunderstandings - stop the damn leaks from Daiichi.

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    What is Abe trying to prove here?

    Propagandists always do stunts like this-Abe is becoming a clown......

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    Will you eat it everyday Mr. Abe?

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    While the fish was cooking they did the old switch -a-roo This is an old coper field trick too. Lol

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    He's damned if he dose and if he doesn't. So I wonder where the majority sides, Is he a matter, madman, masakist or a medior mentor. I'm still sceptical but I always will be. He's probably like me, a little bit won't hurt and I have no kids to look after or leave behind to sort out this awful mess.

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    Vernie Jefferies

    Did he eat at Yoshinoya?

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    Richard bHard

    for all we know the fish could be from hokaido,but some people are gullible they believe anything when a politician says or does it.

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    That Great

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    どうぞ全部を食べてください! Please eat all of the fish!

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    He ate octopus, the least likely animal to be contaminated. What he did was... Shameless. Dangerous. Criminal.

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    Michael Craig

    So? He is old. The question is: would he feed it to his grandchildren?

    WHAT grandchildren? Prime Minister and Mrs. Abe don't have any children! It says so in Wikipedia!


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    Ali Khan

    if every thing is under control then why you need this kind of stuff. sense the people have lost the trust now the only way to restore the trust is to till the truth, several credible and independent teams from around the world should thoroughly investigate and verify the whole situation. The Japanese nation and the world will response positively no matter how difficult the situation would be. now stop wasting time on TEPCO. in order to control the situation, highly qualified team is needed including national and international scientists and engineers along with highly skilled labor,,

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    I feel bad for Abe now, he's damned if he does or damned if he doesnt. He's trying to raise moral and the wolves tear him apart for it. Joys of the media. Theyre trying their best to fix this problem, and its going to go on for a long time. Nobody is perfect. It seems like everyone is missing that point.

    And sides this one pic shows only a small portion on what he ate. Who knows what he eats behind closed doors with his family.

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    I wonder if he thinks of himself as a hero for trying to save the Fukushima food industry. ....or does he consider himself a villain, poisoning himself and his country for economic stability.

    I know which one I'm going with (but I've added an extra tag of stupid to go along with it.)

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    I buy produce from there. I'm sure they check the radiation many times before coming to supermarket because it's easy to check. Farmers and fisheries would have a bigger problem if a customer checked and found radiation from the purchase. With CT and PET at hospital you receive much much bigger radiation.

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    Displaying ignorance isn't how to rid ignorance. This isn't leadership. It's about bio-accumulation, not individual meals. Over time since the radioactive material doesn't leave the body it is additive and has an effect on health. This is why they put children in a detector like a chair to measure their levels. So if you are concerned about radiation, measure yourself, not your meal.

    People need to realize this is over for that region. Abe needs to lead, help move the farmers to Shikoku. Get the kids out of there. Fishermen will have to find another area. There are millions of responsible things to do and pandering to the nuclear industry isn't one of them. That game is over.

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    Unlike other developed countries, Japan doesn’t have the social security safety net to deal with workers who are idled en-mass. In Canada, etc., when there’s a fishing moratorium, etc. the fishers knock off work, collect pokey and use the free time to add a veranda to the back porch or spend time with their kids.

    The fishers and govt in Fukushima only want to continue working, because not working is viewed as evil and dangerous. They don’t care about everyone else’s safety. It’s really quite selfish.

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