Abe's envoy returns from North Korea

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    and NK responded by launching 3 short range missiles as soon as Isao Iijima landed in Tokyo (!)

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    Graham DeShazo

    One cannot know for sure, but it SOUNDS like Iijima held the U.S., South, Japan line and presented a strong front. If this is actually the case, it is quite helpful. The North will realize it cannot pick off the low-hanging fruit and will be "more" likely (as opposed to likely) to engage in real talks.

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    The U.S. sends Dennis Rodman. Abe boy sends Dr. Evil. Or was that Mini-Me?

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    North will love to have Japan as its friend when South hates Japan. Japan can take this as an advantage for Japan. Maybe Japan can help hungry North people by sending Japan's surplus short gain rice and other food to North?

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    Japan needs to be active about the abduction issue since U.S seems to be not interested in it.

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    North Korea is pulling the wool over Japan's eye, by using the abduction issue to divide the united front with the South and US, and thus giving Pyongyang more leverage in negotiations. And Tokyo has fallen for it.

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    I mean politicians in that prefectue. There are many scholars and technology inventive people who are internationally recognized, too. Tops in every field including political arenas.

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    These 3 small missiles were shot on the sea of N. Korean territory. Not in Japanese or S. Korean territory and certainly not in US territory area. SK and USA gave been urritating NK too long. Is SK friendly to Japan?

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    Abe is going to be international leader in diplomatic field. My comment about place where Abe's ancestor was deleted so one of my comments sound strange, I am very sure Abe will be able to bring them back if they wanted come back. Hope he invite young Kim to Japan to discuss. Imagine you are only 29 and surrounded by military men, Kim will love to talk with Abe on anyrhing while eating sushi and teppanyaki

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