ACCJ looks forward to working with Abe administration


The American Chamber of Commerce in Japan (ACCJ) on Wednesday congratulated Shinzo Abe on his election as Japan’s 96th prime minister.

“The ACCJ remains committed to working with our partners and friends here in Japan as we have over the past six decades to help improve the business climate for entities both foreign and domestic. We look forward to working closely with the new administration as we continue to strengthen the ties between Japan and the United States on all levels – commercial, strategic and personal,” said ACCJ President Michael Alfant.

ACCJ 2013 President-Elect Laurence Bates, added, “In cooperation with the country’s new leader, we will seek out ways in which the ACCJ can concretely contribute to economic growth in Japan. One of the themes I intend to focus on during my presidency coincides precisely with one of the key elements of Prime Minister Abe’s platform – the idea that economic growth is of paramount importance for the present and future of Japan. The ACCJ also thrives in a thriving Japan. We will employ our resources as the American Chamber of Commerce to offer evidence- and research-based policy prescriptions that we believe will help to revitalize the Japanese economy.”

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