Aso says economic recovery a few years away

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    ... despite boj's BOLD monetary easing? why not print more yens and expedite recovery? No, G20 is asking Japan to reduce its debt piles.

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    Gee, we've never heard this song and dance before....

    Politician DURING election: "Elect me and I'll fix EVERYTHING!"

    Politician AFTER election: "Of course, these things take time...years, in fact..."

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    Recovery was "a few years away" 20 years ago.

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    I have a massive crush on Taro Aso.

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    At first it was in 2 months, then 2 years, now more than 2 years! My broker said if we saw some good signs of the end of deflation by summer, other businesses would get on the band wagon and that would become a snowball, he failed to mention that if by summer we saw nothing, thing would go down the drain just as fast! Now what??? What do we do with our hard earned yen?

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    Dear Mr Aso....My pocketbook can't afford to wait a "few years". Please get your ass in gear!

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    the lasting (scary) image i have of Aso when he was PM, was him in his loin cloth at a Japanese festival. something id actually pay to have removed from my memory if it was possible.

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    How does the impending hike on all consumers "support domestic demand"? Voodoo economics, or what?

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    "tax hike," I meant.

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    yes... and payment for your blatant money-printing even more years away... and squarely on the shoulders of my son's generation. How typical of that Aso that others will slave away to cover his excesses.

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    Surf O'Holic

    Survival strategy: keep some cash on hand in case things unexpectedly go the Cypriot route; convert non-essential funds into physical assets that will retain value in the longer term and can be used to barter further down the road; never, ever believe the word of a pol.

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    Recovery from what? The population is aging and declining and that is driving the economic problems (which aren't nearly as bad as in most places). Irrational fear of nuclear power is also hurting the economy. It will take more than a few years to rebuild the population, so as usual Aso doesn't know what he is talking about. The birthrate was last at replacement rate in 1973. Aso has been in the Diet since 1979, so he has had plenty of time to reason about the situation and try to fix it.

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    LOL. Stop the craps please !

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    I am not sure whether he can stay in office that long to see the result.

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