'Friends of Syria' agree at Tokyo meeting to step up pressure on Assad

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    Vladimir Troubetzkoy

    FRIEND OF SYRIA ? these representavives are just ambassador from arabs countries in Japan..What about syria ? .. Gemba san, go to Syria !! , have a talk with syrian people and after that you can propose a meeting with Friend of syria.to discuss about the real situation...Gemba support Terrorists ...He's naive man. He's just a toy for Unites states (CF : okinawa base camp) Wake up !!!

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    So far Syria needs US$100 Billion for reconstruction, that is if the fighting stops now. What surprises me is that the opposition or so called freedom fighters backed by USA target everything even buildings and infrastructures that they need later.

    Just today they bombed the highway to the airport according to Al-Jazeera, and what surprises me is that no nation is pushing for dialog to save civilian life's and the country.

    Arab countries that support Syrian opposition and that initiated the military conflict should dig in there pocket and help them. Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Kuwait & UAE are not poor.

    I don't agree with Assad regime but removing him at more than US$100 billion cost and more than 60000 dead & injured civilians is stupid.

    Another thing is that Al-Qaida is very active in the conflict, how can these dumb politician guarantee they don't take advantage and impose their ideology on all Syrians.

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    These so-called "friends of Syria" are basically sunni muslim countries who want to replace the Assads secular Alavite regime with a Sunni Shariah dictatorship. That is, of course, the Muslim Brotherhood agenda.

    And the West is being stupid enough to be played like a fool by these Sunni extremists.

    The pure stupidity of Western politicians is infuriating.

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    I see. The UN is a big joke

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