G20 set to dilute big powers' demands on currencies

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    I've said for two years here that Japan's economic situation had only minimal effect on the yen. It was one part economics and nine parts hedge funds and speculators. Now it's one part Abe and yes, nine parts hedge funds and speculators. The "investors" that piled into the yen are running for the exits . I don't claim to know where it goes from here but I wouldn't be shocked to see 100 to 120 Yen to the dollar within a year or so (and for what it's worth I don't have any financial interest in the yen, but it works for someone like me who visits Japan often)

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    “We explained our stance and other countries voiced no such opinions as approval or objection,” Aso told reporters.

    ....Financial markets will make it very clear to him on Monday Morning. Weak Yen is no solution to recession or deflation.

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    Currency war - winners & loosers - Euro&Dollar forecast and real situation y 3 charts. Good analysis - http://www.miguelangeldiez.com/2013/01/30/guerra-divisas

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