Gov't formally nominates ADB head Kuroda as Bank of Japan chief

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    Congratulations Mr. Kuroda for getting long term job from temporary PM Abe !

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    I hope this Kuroda bloke enjoys being a puppet and scapegoat when he fails to deliver the holy grail of inflation and growth.

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    Surf O'Holic

    " risking a global currency war…"

    That's like placing bets on which of the biggest has-beens will win a bum-boxing match.

    Ready for hyperinflation?

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    Nice to see Abe has found a "kindred spirit".

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    Let the games begin. I hope it works out but the job is bigger than the man but not as big as the dept.

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    Actually, Kuroda-san is probably the best person for this position ... when everything is taken into consideration. True, he will be an Abe yes-man, but having had much experience in banking and the financial world, he should know what is going on and give adequate advise on what should and shouldn't be done.

    Also, Iwata, being an economics professor, and Hiroshi Nakaso, the BOJ’s executive director, should do well in a supporting role.

    Can anyone think of a better trio? I doubt it. But no matter what ... hopefully they will have enough experience and ability to prevent Abe from leading Japan down the road to even more bitter financial results.

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    For a moment i thought it was somebody from AKB-47.

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    at least my canadian dollars will be able to buy a little more when I visit family in July..

    anyone shorting Yen?

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