Japan may not decide on TPP talks before July election

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    TPP will threaten comprehensive shifts in Japanese industry infrastructures from farming to pharmaceuticals . . . .The LDP knows if they agree to join now, they could loose the majority i nthe election - - - - - - - Abe is simply playing his card close to his chest for the moment . . . . .. . . .

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    What a bunch of buffoons. Neither Abe nor Obama are interested in any kind of economic progress. They'll both do whatever it takes to hold onto power.

    Any kind of free trade is actually contrary to their interest. They'd both rather keep their fat fingers on the grip of as much as possible. TPP would force them to release that grip.

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    Another election in July? What kind of election? Btw smart move, now they have a good subject to use for the election sigh. All they think about is elections zzzZZZz

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    Another election in July? What kind of election?

    Upper house.

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    Agreed - this is obviously about the upper house election for Abe and not wanting to upset the voting power of the farming lobby by joining TPP before the voting takes place. At the same time it is also just another example of J- feet dragging and forever wanting to have more " comprehensive reviews " and studies and discussions and whatever else. One can just imagine how they would be dragging things out and slowing everything down if they were allowed to join negotiating.

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    Agree with Marcelito. When Abe announced earlier that a decision might be made soon and that the LDP was considering joining the TPP I should have realized it was J-speak, meaning some vague, wishy-washy remark meant to mollify those in the US putting pressure on Japan while promising the local farm industry (which shouldn't have so much power but that the government GIVES them!) they won't decide yet. Japan won't be able to make a decision on this until a country which HAS decided and joined bolts ahead of them in terms of world economy -- maybe in a couple of years.

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    Japan never decides on anything

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    Do not knock on the door when it is closed and everybody is having a party.

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    They want to join on their own conditions that will guarantee it will benefit them more than anybody else. That has been the way ever since.

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    I think that agriculture and export-oriented industries will never reach same conclusion. The problem that Japanese agriculture has is the age of people engaging in agriculture is increasing. This is pressing issue. As to Industries such as TOYOTO, HONDA, Panasonic and so forth, they also need to strengthen their competitiveness overseas. Since domestic market is shrinking, The government need to supper them, joining TPP. I know it is hard to deal with and seem contradictory: however, The Tokyo need to decide, being ready for any criticism.

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    One can just imagine how they would be dragging things out and slowing everything down if they were allowed to join negotiating.

    marcelito -- spot on. So this also means that, basically, Abe is going to meet Obama completely empty-handed, since he cannot promise anything on TPP or Futenma, the top two issues to the U.S. This despite him saying all through the elections that he wanted to strengthen ties with the U.S. And the U.S. has already told him in advance not to bring up the subject of mutual self-defense. Likely to be a VERY short summt. As usual, Japan is all foam and no beer.

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