Japan, N Korea hold 1st high-level talks in 16 months

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    Representatives from Japan and North Korea are TALKING!

    If these talks lead to mutual understanding, it will be a wonderful thing!

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    @BertieWooster, "If these talks lead to mutual understanding, it will be a wonderful thing!." That is a big "if" . :)

    Here goes my thinking:

    The backdrop setting is Beijing, that may tell you about the undercurrent which floats the boat carrying Japan and N.K in those "talks/shows".

    N.K may entice Japan on the issue of abductions of Japanese, giving Abe’s s shot in arm for his largely failed foreign policy. In return, N.K is betting on that Abe may help N.K break the isolation from the international community.

    In short term, both Japan and N.K may have something to gain, but in the longer term, Japan seems having more to lose given N.K’s past flip-and-flop records.

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    I get what you are saying.

    I'm just pleased that there is some kind of dialogue. This problem will ONLY be solved by open communication that leads to real understanding.

    Waving guns in each other's faces doesn't solve anything.

    That they are talking is good.

    Let's hope the talk is productive.

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    Disgrace to our country. I live near the place of the abductions for which NK has never apologised. Until then, and until they relinquish nukes there should be no talks.

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    Yuki Nomose

    Bertiewooster great friend of dictators, many tryed to talk peacefully with Hitler and we know what is resu.t of appaesament:second world war.

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    Henry Geßner

    I also believe there is absolutely no use in talking with NK. They are just completely unpredictable and do what they want anyway. Yes, usually diplomatic relations are a good thing -- and their lack might further accelerate the recent crisis in Europe -- but not on this issue. It's like arguing with a pre-school child. If he wants his candy, he will agree to anything, but he will have forgotten everything by tomorrow anyway. NK is like a tumour for which there is yet a way to be found to remove it carefully. Until then, everything that can be done is trying to help the people directly, which is extremely difficult and can be frustrating, and in the same moment damage the government as much as possible.

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    It's really sad that North Korea is willing to sit down with Japan, but South Korea isn't.

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    Japan should forget about abducions and things like that. Just "let it go" And invest in Best korea

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    Yuki Nomose

    Many ppl before IIWW suggested to trade with Hitler...

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