Japan signs nuclear cooperation deal with UAE

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    What a fantastic way to get off focusing on the oil and nuclear energy industries and celebrating Japan's innovation to greener technologies... oh wait. Whoops, I'm sorry, what was I thinking?

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    Glad the UAE want to learn from Japan's experience.

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    This is a good deal for both countries. It's time for Japan to cut its umbilical cord with Americans and this four-nation trip is a good sign.

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    Takumi Saito

    Goodbye $$

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    "Despite being a major oil exporter, the UAE has opted to develop nuclear power, seeing it as a proven, environmentally promising and commercially competitive source of electricity."

    Dubai is a very small Emirate I wonder if they have given thought to the possibility of a disaster similar to Fukushima which would essentially cause the evacuation of the entire Emirate. They have so much sun, money and empty dessert surely they could do something less risky or something more innovative. They have the ability to be a world leader and example in greener energy technologies which they could export to the rest of the world instead of a dwindling supply of oil. Actually it is what I thought they were going to do.

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    hhhhhaaa duel standard

    i remember when pakistan is going to sell it iran or libya then its called atomic transferred . and after it pakistan become too much unstable ...... why if any body not now about Pakistan real once, just find what happens with its atomic sentient .

    really whats going own in this world .

    atomic is a black gold and if Pakistan will going to sell it too then difficult for its other seller country to compete price . because row marital is too much in Pakistan and Afghanistan.

    any way realty shell must become out , i wish peoples understand this double stander soon.

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    its very good deal for japan . its big problem is going to very strongly solve . this is OIL buy and atomic sell .

    this really nice plane by this government best of lock.

    wish japan cannot face problem like we Pakistani facing from last 12 years. at all its my second home. prayer for this home save as it is.

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    Yogi Zuna

    Nuclear power is so dangerous and highly toxic, it makes using oil look like "green energy" in comparison. So this is in fact VERY bad news for the future.

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    Yang Zhang

    Nuclear power is a double-edged matter. I wish Dubai could think it over before starting the project.

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