Japan's new envoy to China urges stronger economic ties

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    Japan has to depend upon : China - For Economy and USA - For Security. Let's see if Japan's ambassador and special envoy can minimize (can't undo) the damage done by Abe-nomics in recent past.

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    I will explain to China’s senior officials we need to make economic ties warmer if our political relationship is cooling,

    you should know better it is a mission impossible

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    SS Abe

    In December of this year, despite the ongoing series of History Revision 101, the Shanghai Ballet came for a tour in Tokyo. But, it was nice to see the diplomats of China stay secure in an international event. It was after all, a wonderful ballet, and I was happy to see three performances fully seated. I am so grateful to the Shanghai Ballet for not canceling the tour, many others did.

    Support the arts.

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    Yeah, improve economic ties ... such as giving China more money, more jobs from Japanese businesses, even more Japanese businesses themselves. Give, give, give. But looking at the bottom line, we still see that what China really wants are the Senkaku islands ... no matter what.

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    Maybe in the anime world. Unless Japan stops claiming something that does not belong to it. Based on all historical and politically unbiased presented by professor Kiyoshi Inoue from Kyoto University, and professor Tadaoyoshi Murata from Yokohama National Universiry, as well as the thesis presented by professor Martin Lohmeyer, all evidence is irrefutably in favor of China's claim. Read for yourself at:



    or find professor Murata's book title "Senkaku Islands Vs. the Diaoyu Islands Dispute" and read for yourself.I believe it is in Japanese. I always thought they were part of Japan until I did this research.

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    SS Abe

    @avigator Do you know of any efforts in the U.N. to facilitate an academic debate that both countries can engage in -- it seems like the confusion exists for most people still.

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    Not that I know. But that could turn into a "Yaocho" contest if Japan-USA relationship is weighed when deciding what should be a fair reinstatement of China's sovereignty.

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    @edojin Really? You think Japan gives to China because of the goodness of its heart? Think again. It's business. Japanese firms invest in China because it benefits Japan. One can argue about China's questionable motives, but don't mistake the reason for Japanese investment in China. Get your story straight.

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    Only surrender of Senkaku and then the rest of the Okinawa Prefecture will be acceptable. Once they have secured it the Peoples Republic of China will ask for even more. Though once they secure offensive bases they will demand the surrender of the Republic of China and not getting that invade.

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    Lyusung, (Luzon), was part of China until Spanish came to it. Lyukyu was part of China, until the British started eroding the Chinese empire and the Japanese took advantage of it to invade Okinawa. For some reason the area East of China are called the East China Sea and to the South, the South China Sea. It is not

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    Kristianna Thomas

    The tit for tat banter between all three squabbling infantile Asian siblings is enough to want to send all three to their room without super. The conflict seems to really be about the natural resources that is part of the islets, and not about the islets themselves. Why can't the nations of China, Japan, Taiwan, and South Korea place the islands in trusteeship and develop the region under a joint unified plan. The history club is over the top and does not help in the present conflict; like picking at old wounds. It is messy. It stinks. The use of history as a weapon only opens old wounds and leads to gangrene; from a scratch to gangrene.

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    YuriOtaniDec. 25, 2012 - 02:47PM JST

    Only surrender of Senkaku and then the rest of the Okinawa Prefecture will be acceptable. Once they have secured it the Peoples Republic of China will ask for even more. Though once they secure offensive bases they will demand the surrender of the Republic of China and not getting that invade.

    Come on. Be more logical.

    These islands were not part of Ryukyu to begin with. About the only honest part in the Japanese official narative on the history of the Diaoyu/Senkaku islands is that it did not belong to Ryukyu.

    The Kingdom of Ryukyu did actively seek China's protection to fend off Japan until China became too weak to do the job.

    You cerainly may try to put the two in the same category, which is also adopted sometimes by the Japanese media and officials. Japan has never been known as an honest player. We don't even need to look into how the wars and occupations with the neighboring countries started. Let's just stay with the case of taking Ryukyu. The 'job' was done in 1872, long before it became open and official in 1879. Mind you, I didn't have to make the connection if you had chosen not to.

    The thing that truly amazes me is why you need to worry at all. Isn't Japanese is the land of monoethnicity,with one mind and one voice, from Okinawa to Hokkaido (or the four Nothern islands?), which explains the uniqueness and the natural inexhaustible strength of the nation? What on earth could shake, let alone break, such a solid rock?

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    fivegogo2003@yahoo.comDec. 26, 2012 - 04:29AM JST

    China will not change and good luck on creating stronger economic ties when, The selective teaching of history in China – emphasising the brutality of foreign invaders and ignoring atrocities or mistakes by China’s leaders – is intended to boost the party’s legitimacy by cultivating a nationalistic, anti-western victim mentality among young Chinese.

    The education at school always instils the idea that Japanese are evil people and if you turn on the television most of the programmes are about the anti-Japanese war,” “How can they possibly not resent the Japanese?

    If only it were that simple.

    Can you tell me how Ishihara calls China, foreigners or ethnic Koreans? How have Japanese media/people/officials responded? Do not tell me he is nobody. Remember this is the real boss of your Prime Minister on Diaoyu/Senkaku Islands and the one who has been lauded and elected for speaking people's mind. .

    Now you find me a match in China. Some heavy weight with the such foul mouth. Do that and I will give you some credit to be so one-sided.

    'The selective teaching of history'?

    Right, hasn't Japan just given schools more material on Senkaku?

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