LDP outlines criteria for candidate in Tokyo gubernatorial election


The ruling Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP) has outlined three criteria that the candidate it backs in the Tokyo gubernatorial election must have.

Officials of the party met this week to discuss possible candidates. They declined to name anyone but said the person must have three attributes: An international outlook; be an ardent leader of the 2020 Tokyo Olympic organizing committee; and be able to establish a relationship of trust with the Tokyo metropolitan assembly.

So far, only Kenji Utsunomiya, 67, a veteran human rights lawyer and a former president of the Japan Federation of Bar Associations, has declared his candidacy for the Feb 9 election to replace Naoki Inose who resigned in disgrace last month over a loan scandal.

Campaigning is scheduled to begin on Jan 23.

Japan Today

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    The ruling Liberal-Democratic Party (LDP) has outlined three criteria

    Where is a principal of democracy; Of the people, For the people and By the people?

    LDP needs to back off and stay out of it. Let the candidates decide and let the people to decide. Thanks.

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    Michael Craig

    Let the people of Tokyo decide!!

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    "An international outlook" -- well, at least we know Ishihara won't be coming back!

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    LDP needs to back off and stay out of it.

    They are only talking about the particular candidate the LDP will back.

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    One of critererion, Olympic is not easy to many lawmakers unless someone has TV announcement bakground, Well, Ishihara Jr worked for Nippon TV but his soeciality was political comment, Beside that he did very poor against Inose on kast election, So, LDP will not back up him, I think, Maybe this time LDP will convince female candidate who would not cause hard stance against China? Maybe younger female who has Tokyo Univ tyype education and who can handle media? Reason I think young and female is older male politicians usually have something hidden in closet and media might dig up his mekake stories for gossip papers sooner or later. Utsunomiya sounds good but if he can satisfy these xcriterions are questionable.

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