Lower house passes bill to insure Iran oil imports

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    So Japan is happy with Iran's nuclear program?

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    Rick Driver

    Again japan is standing shoulder to shoulder with the U.S. in the fight against the outlaw nations.

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    Japan is wanting insurance on Iranian crude shipments. Normally this is good business sense. However, Iran wants Nuclear Submarines. Not good for business.

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    Ben Jack

    Iran has been a stable and friendly business partner for Japan for decades.

    Yes, sure. Because of that government's order of death related to Satanic Verses, a Japanese translated was assassinated in Japan. Not so friendly, actually.

    Japan had trading and diplomatic relations with Persia long before the US even existed.

    Iran is not Persia. The present government has not been around that long.

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    Jonathan Prin

    For those who don't know, one may be put into jail for religious beliefs because led by islamic fanatics who want the nuclear bombing capacity. Guess what they'll do with it : threaten to impose their views like nice dictatorships, e.g North Korea who is a well-known friend of Japan. LOL

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    Central asian power? Pfftthahaha!!

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    It's too bad Iran is no longer the majestic and beautiful Persia. I really wish the best for the people of Iran. Until all other countries of the world get rid of their nuclear power plants, warheads and submarines, Iran has just as much a right to have nuclear capabilities to support its growth and protect its sovereignty like any other nation around it.

    What pisses me off is the "global watchdogs" that try to end good relations between countries to suit their purpose. They know they are starving the Asian countries of oil by imposing sanctions.

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    Hey, if Japan wants its oil as long as it puts the money where its mouth is.

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