Myanmar's Suu Kyi to visit Japan next week

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    No idea who that is....

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    Read the first line, it's not hard:

    Myanmar’s pro-democracy icon

    also the recipient of the Nobel Peace Prize amongst other things.

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    Pizzatime - love your attitude! Not only are you completely unaware of an international icon, you are defiantly proud of your ignorance as well.

    Not a lot of people would have the cojones to admit as much. Well done.

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    Abe is keeping doors open since Dec.2012 atleast someone is coming, welcome !

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    It shows the quality of this remarkable woman that she is willing to put aside the fact japan was the main supporter of her totalitarian captors for two decades, and pay the country a visit. Admittedly well after visiting the nations that supported her plight all along. Make no mistake : Burma is still effectively controlled by military men, albeit changed into civilian outfits. They also maintain close dealings with north korea and are in the process of setting up a nuke program. I wonder if this will come up in talks?

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    Was shopping at the Kisarazu Outlet mall last week, and one of the men's outlet stores had a shelf of shoes "Made in Myanmar". The shoes themselves seemed quite on par with other generic "made in XXX" shoes, and I wondered just how soon business had taken root in that country. Bravo capitalism and exploiting cheap-azz labor!!

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    Such a beautiful person and inspiration to many. I really respect her decision to come to Japan, given the history. You go Aung San!!!!!!!

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    @Pizzatime, Suu Kyi is one of figures who will define our life time. In a hundred years our great great grand children will study how Suu Kyi, Mandela, Martin Luther King JR, Gandhi (dare I say Malala?) represent a group of people far away from our reality: oppressed minorities! What they all had in common is their peaceful and unwavering determination to achieve equality and freedom.

    I don't think it is your fault that you would not know who she is since we, in general, no matter what educational back ground is, were driven by society to learn who Brittney Spears or AKB48 is but not who Suu Kyi is. I really don't care that people themselves, seem to put limits to their vision but one thing I assure you: if you read about her and come to understand a little about her (or any of the people mentioned) you would appreciate your life a lot better.

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    She's been strangely silent on the deadly religious violence and persecution now taking place in her country. If she doesn't come up an effective response, it could well tarnish her reputation, and history books may not look at her so kindly.

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