Obama's re-election celebrated in Obama, Japan

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    Why? It's not like they'd support him for PM here. Only seeing dollars signs.

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    So is there a town in Japan named Ramni? Or Ram? Ram ni ikitai?

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    Bob Sneider

    how ignorant. If only people here showed this much enthusiasm for Japanese politics.

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    Hope this helps them get more tourists.

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    Mirai Hayashi

    @Bob Sneider

    I agree. The last time the Japanese showed this kind of enthusiasm over a Japanese politician was back when Koizumi was the PM. Now we're appointing a new PM every year, and it looks like we may be going back to the same disastrous LDP with Abe as their leader, and expect change...really???

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    Lighten up, people! My friends went to Obama, Fukui when President Obama was first elected, and they had a great time and experience.

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    I know, right? C'mon, it's a lighthearted coincidence that serves as a great excuse to have a party. What's with all the hating?

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    Wow, I found this. Thank you.

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