Shiga governor planning to form yet another party


Shiga Prefecture Gov Yukiko Kada on Monday said she is considering forming a new political party with an anti-nuclear power platform. It would become the 17th political party in Japanese politics.

Kada told reporters that the current state of Japanese politics is bogged down and nobody can reach a consensus on anything, TV Asahi reported. She said her new party, to be called Japan Future Party, will unite all the forces against Japan relying on nuclear power for its energy needs.

Kada said she hopes to form alliances with like-minded smaller opposition parties such as Ichiro Ozawa’s People’s Life First Party, Green Wind and Shizuka Kamei’s Tax-Cut Party.

Kada will hold a news conference on Tuesday afternoon to outline her plans..

Japan Today

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    Atsumare ! Matsuri da....!

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    Bad news.

    Anti-nuclear policy is fine.

    However, it is nansense to create a whole political party based on "anti-nuclear policy".

    A political party should have a stance for various policy issues, not only one.

    Kada-san's party will certainly fail as soon as some matter of prominence besides energy policy takes focus, and disagreements rise up. Japanese should have learnt this already with DPJ.

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    ihope2eatwhales: I am sure that her whole platform isn't based solely on being anti-nuclear. It may be her key point at the moment but she has the ability to deal with other issues as well. Shiga has a lot of farmers which would also have her thinking very seriously about the TPP and if it would be suitable for Japan. Also, there are a lot of factories in the Shiga so she would surely be aware of the businesses plight as well. I just wish that she would be able to cordinate her efforts with other parties and perhaps even get a few of them to merge. 17 parties seems to be a bit too much in my mind. (thankfully, I can't vote so I don't have to face the crazy ballot)

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    Japan will have a fragmented government.

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    Japan will have a fragmented government.

    Indeed. But that seems to be the norm these days. Can anyone come up with the name of a democratic, advanced country whose government isn't a total basket-case right now?

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    Hey, whatever happed to Antonio Inoki's Sports-Peace Party?

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