Social media space dominated by conservative candidates

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    Hashimoto should be forced to investigate and then declare how many of his twitter followers have tattoos...then disown them as supporters.

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    Tsuda estimates only 1 in 20 Japanese used Twitter during the 2009 election for Japan’s powerful lower house. Now it is more like 1 in 2 or 1 in 3, he said.

    Wait, are you telling me that about third to half of the nation is using twitter? That's a bit hard to believe, not least because of my personal experience. Then again, searching the net gave me an estimate that there are 50.6 million users of social media in Japan... that's almost half of the population, so it ether must be true or the statistics are shoddy.

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    Mike Critchley

    Wow, 120,000 facebook followers for Abe...(yawn)

    Even now after the election, Obama's page reads "34,099,782 likes (followers) · 1,560,980 talking about this"

    Even the "popular" D-bag Hashimoto has only 900,000 twitter followers. Methinks these numbers aren't really going to make any difference in an electorate of 100M+.

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    I think the numbers need to be taken with a pinch of salt. Abe's ugly mug appeared on my Facebook page, I clicked 'Don't show this any more' and the next day he was back again. Wouldn't be surprised if the first click somehow got converted into a 'Like'. He seems to have gone now, hope he stays gone.

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