Voters in tsunami-hit area feel let down as election nears

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    "I wish all the politicians were washed away by the tsunami." If only.

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    Can't blame them, noone of the government even visited the area the last couple of months to show some sort of support, they only think about their friggin election.

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    Ewan Huzarmy

    “I am not going to vote this time,” said Megumi Kinno.“I don’t know how much of what we want will be heard,”she said.

    Your voice will NOT be heard at all if you do not vote. The apathy of the people will doom this country.

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    "I wish all the politicians were washed away by the tsunami.”

    Ouch! Very frank, but very true.

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    The saddest part is that these people will be used for political gain but will gain nothing as a result. They have every right to be upset. In fact, they should be up in arms.

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