Later this year, the International Olympic Committee will include one of the following 8 sports in the Summer Olympics from 2020. Which one gets your vote?

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    Geoff Gillespie

    Baseball has no place in the Olympics being as it is not a world sport and this should be the criterion by which the sports included in the Olympic games should be chosen.

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    Squash, wakeboarding, roller sports, sport climbing, wushu

    You have to be kidding?!

    I'm sick of passtimes being in the Olympics!!


    I wouldn't mind basball coming back, but not soon.


    Why? So the 3 countries who care about it can watch it? Shut up!


    It's more fun to watch than Judo, so I guess that would be okay.


    Yes. The Olympics must have westling, if not only for the history of the games.

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    What the hell is wushu LOL!!

    Most of those choices are just stupid except wrestling which should NOT have to be voted in in the first place!

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    At least sport climbing has some objective evaluation, unlike event like figure skating. It's also based on survival/martial ideals, which were the basis for the original events. Running fast, running long, throwing stuff. Why not climbing? I would not be averse to wrestling, on the same grounds.

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    I would say it's between wrestling and karate, as many, many countries do both, and wrestling because of its long history. Baseball shouldn't even be in the running as there are so few countries world-wide who actually play it (some people actually get upset when you point this out). I like baseball, but it's not worthy of being in the Olympics.

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    squash and wushu olympic events? get real! How are those sports better than Wrestling?

    And if wushu would be added, the top 3 medalists would be

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    How about remove Synchronized Swimming from the current Olympic lineup, that way we can vote for 2 of those 8 sports, rather than only 1 I'd like to see Karate and probably Squash, but sports climbing and roller sports sound good too

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    Wrestling should never have been removed. None of the others are a replacement.

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    Wrestling and Karate are popular in many countries and relatively easy and inexpensive to stage. If the host country has a baseball stadium, possibly, if not, no.

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    I'd choose Roller sports.... as long as they involved motorbikes and metal balls ^_^

    As for baseball - hey call it Rounders and then British kids can take part.

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    Despite a core sport of the Olympics being considered to get voted in... the only 2 international sports listed are wrestling and karate. Of those two, much more countries are involved in wrestling.

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    The Americans would probably only take part in the wrestling if they could send Hulk Hogan, and the Mexicans only if they get to wear masks... lol

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    Even as a former tournament player, I don't think squash should be included in the Olympics - it is hard to follow and there are constant disputed judgement calls on 'lets'. Put wrestling back in!

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    Wrestling, but only if it done the original greek way, oiled and naked... I'm sure it would be a hit with the ladies.

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    " Wrestling, but only if it done the original greek way, oiled and naked... I'm sure it would be a hit with the ladies. "

    Check out Turkish oil wrestling. I think the Turkish Olympic delegation will be on your side :-)

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    A varient of wrestling is already an Olympic sport. Karate is popular, but kickboxing is already covered in Taekwondo. Baseball is a popular sport in a very few countries, so was voted out in the 1990s with good reason.

    Squash is popular all over the world - a glance at the world rankings will show that. I think it is pretty much unknown in Japan, but that is hardly a serious slight as Japan has a fairly narrow perspective. If tennis, badminton and table tennis are in, then so should squash.

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    My daughter does karate,so it has my backing.

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    Hiroshi Maruyama

    Karate! Japan has the best chance to get many gold medals in karate.

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    No Miso

    The list didn't include Formula 1, which, given its money generating potential, is a surprise omission from this list. Sadly the games are no longer about (not the winning, its the taking part" but more about "its not the sport, its how much we can bleed from it". If wrestling isn't back in, then the slippery slope is well and truly getting steeper.

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    speed free climbing would be cool

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