• 2


    Noda. Abe is a buffoon.

  • 8


    Feels like the question: Which do you prefer? Plague or Cholera?

  • 0


    Can't vote. We need a third option. None of the above.

  • 0

    Michael Craig

    Yeah! There are other candidates!!

  • 2


    Mickey Mouse could do a better job.

  • 1


    Between these two, I have to go with Noda.

  • 0


    NodAbe !!!

  • 2

    Aizo Yurei

    Seriously, why would someone give Abe another chance? He was useless the last time. What changed?

  • 0


    A lot of people say Abe was a superb PM - and did so much for Japan - but I am dubious and waiting for evidence. I mean, he was only in for a year or so before - how are these Japanese able to proclaim he will turn things around in the next year or 2? Lets wait and see if he is the genius most Japanese say he is....

  • 1


    Noda ... because it is Abe otherwise ... Noda is bad but Abe is worse.

  • 1


    Lets wait and see if he is the genius most Japanese say he is....

    I've heard a variety of words used to describe Abe, in English and Japanese. 'Genius' wasn't one of them.

  • 4


    I liked Naoto Kan. :( Well, between Abe and Noda, I prefer Noda.

  • 0


    I prefer Maehara. Maehara wants to put higher taxes on hold for the next couple of years to try to boost domestic economic growth.

  • 0


    Funny isn't it?

    The U.S.A. has a similar choice:

    Obama or Romney.

    'nuff said.

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    Abe was a rare or almost only premier who defied the meeting of administrative vice ministers (Jimu-Jikan Kaigi) and decided in his Cabinet meeting something which was not approved by them. Abe behaved according to his belief though a bit reckless that vice ministers' meeting has no legal authority to dictate what should be decided by the Cabinet. That was the main reason why he had a hard time of it and looked helpless and emaciated before he stepped down. Whereas Noda a man of merit for the Finance Ministry still looks die-hard like a cockloach.

  • 0


    Neither, my vote is for Kozumi! It is a blur to keep up with the Japanese PM musical chair game.

  • 1


    Neither of the above. Isn't there a cat somewhere acting like a train station master? It's definitely promotion time for neko-chan to prime minister!

  • 0


    Vote should have included "none of the above", e3ven thought there isn't a third choice. Doraemon? Kitty Chan?

  • 1


    Are there any other choices? How about Homer Simpson or Humphrey Bear? Or, maybe they could form a coalition with the bananas in pajamas.

    But, Noda has to be the choice. Abe is too much like Ishihara and that other twit governor in Osaka. They seem determined to bring Japan back to its imperialistic rule.

  • 0


    Ralph Nader.

  • 0


    Is Japan ever going to fix its term limits? A new PM almost every year seems like nothing will ever get done properly... 4~6 year terms at least?

  • -1


    Honest Abe.

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