There are many businesses that pay different levels of wages for Japanese and non-Japanese employees. The government should establish a system to continually support foreign workers and check their wages.

Takashi Yamanoue, secretary-general of the Association for Toyonaka Multicultural Symbiosis based in Toyonaka, Osaka Prefecture, saying it is important for the government to establish a system to protect foreign workers. (Mainichi Shimbun) Read

For the millions of Wowow subscribers who have been watching the company's programming since its launch 25 years ago, the new 'Twin Peaks' will re-ignite great memories of the original 'Twin Peaks' series that was part of Wowow's original lineup.

Hitoshi Yamamoto, general manager of Japan's top satellite TV network Wowow's programming division, referring to the David Lynch-directed Showtime reboot of the iconic drama. (Hollywood Reporter) Read

It's a conflict between the freedom of expression and choice, and the healthy upbringing of youths. I'd like to decide whether to go full steam ahead with the measure based on the opinions of residents and users.

Chiba Mayor Toshihito Kumagai. Beginning in summer, the city will start concealing the covers of adult magazines sold at some convenience stores, out of consideration for children and visitors from overseas who are expected to… Read

People no longer care about the difference between men and women, making it easier for men to proudly proclaim, ‘I have a sweet tooth.’ For such men, Valentine’s Day is more than just a day of romance, but an occasion for them to sample an array of chocolates.

Toru Hikino, who runs Amato Danshi, a website dedicated to “sweet-toothed boys and men.” Chocolate sales are getting into full swing at department stores and specialty shops as Valentine’s Day again approaches. However, there seems… Read

A Japanese-style hotel in Chiba prefecture

A Japanese-style hotel in Chiba prefecture

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Lecture Series: New World Law & Order: Profile, Protest and Social Justice

Lecture Series: New World Law & Order: Profile, Protest and Social Justice

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