For many decades, Japan has played an important role in providing development and humanitarian aid to countries throughout East and Southeast Asia, but it was long ‘hindered,’ so to speak, by its pacifist defense policy. It can now become more directly engaged in regional securitization efforts. For some, this is reassuring. For others, it is cause for concern.

Jonathan Spangler, director of the South China Sea Think Tank in Taipei. (Forbes) Read

The internet is prone to helping disseminate demagogy, hate speech and political propaganda. I have developed an acute sense, since last autumn (when the U.S. election took place), that we need a sense of alarm about the power we possess. The time has come that we, in the online media industry, are being tested to see if we have the capacity to redeem ourselves, or if we are going to let irresponsible information run amok.

Atsuo Fujimura, a senior vice president with smartphone news app operator SmartNews Inc, who is mobilizing key players in the Japanese media to fight fake news on the Internet by forming a council dedicated to… Read




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