Akio Toyoda has been tested like no other CEO of Toyota in the last 30 years. Compared to Toyoda, the competition is overpaid.

Maryann Keller, principal at auto industry consulting firm Maryann Keller & Associates in Stamford, Connecticut. Toyoda, 57, who earned 184 million yen in 2012, is the lowest-paid chief executive among the world’s five biggest automakers, earning less than one tenth as much as his best-compensated counterpart—Ford chief Alan Mulally, who took home $21 million in 2012. (Bloomberg)

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    But when GM was going bankrupt and being bailed out in 2008, and Toyota was being sued left and right for quality and safety issues, Ford Motor Company operated smoothly and efficiently, having saved up $27 billion during the better years to weather through the lean ones. Alan Mulally exhibited the best leadership of automaker CEOs during this period. No Ford employees werenlaid off, no Ford factories were unexpectedly closed.

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    Fords market share is sinking, they are closing plants in Europe because they are bleeding $2 billion a year there and they are not making money in Asia. Toyota is twice the size of Ford and growing, is much more profitable and is booming in Europe. Clearly Toyota is a much better managed company. It is the largest car company in the world. That Mulally rakes in 10 times Toyoda is criminal. Ford stock holders are getting ripped off by the cozy CEO-Board corruption at Ford. Mulally should be paid half of Toyota.

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    He's still a millionaire.

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