Given such a huge number of violations, the agency's organizational set-up must be called into question.

Nuclear Regulation Authority Chairman Shunichi Tanaka, referring to the Japan Atomic Energy Agency for not following inspection procedures in nearly 9,700 cases for its prototype fast-breeder Monju reactor in Tsuruga, Fukui Prefecture. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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    Another example for the misleading information Japan is continuously flooded with.

    If that was the problem with nuclear power generation, then everything would be fine. Because that can be fixed. The real problem is the fact that there is absolutely no way to get rid of radioactive garbage. This is not a japanese propblem, it is the same all over the world.

    Think this through: About a week ago we got the "news" that they are running out of storage space for radioactive cooling water once again. The only thing they can now do with it, is release it into the pacific again. Why has there been silence about the subject since then? What has happened? And not a word about the non-water, much higher radioactive, garbage that is around that tepco plant up there. But the peope get fed "news" like that one above... all to keep them unaware of the problem itself.

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