I'm very proud of my job. But I still have a house loan to pay. It's upsetting to see one's much-awaited retirement allowance slashed by 1.5 million yen.

An Aichi prefectural police superintendent. Many police officers have requested early retirement ahead of local governments’ plans to reduce retirement allowances for their employees due to a revision in a related law. (Yomiuri Shimbun)

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    All i'm gonna say is this, from the day of birth most people in this world have been taught a big lie. Not gonna get into this but if you continue to listen to the masses, you have a high chance of ending up in this type of financial situation. Carve your own road.

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    They have been overpaid from the start and it's just coming back to bite them in the butt.

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    Retire now, lose two months' salary and get an extra 150 man in the retirement package, or retire in March and basically get docked 150man for your loyalty to the job. The officers (and the same thing is happening with retiring teachers in Saitama and elsewhere) would be stupid and betraying their families if they stayed at work.

    Regardless of whether you think they are overpaid or not, if they were promised a certain amount as part of their retirement, they should get that amount. Suddenly throwing this 'two months later and you lose out big' spanner into the works is sheer stupidity on the part of the local governments. You cannot start messing around with people's financial arrangements at such short notice.

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    Yubaru, ninety percent of the working peole on this planet are overpaid. That said, I think they got a raw deal. Governments can find money for any b.s. public works projects or for hosting unnecessary events like the Olympics, but then they tell loyal employees to bite the bullet and change a law because they don't have the money they promised you. Same all over the world.

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    You cannot start messing around with people's financial arrangements at such short notice.

    Unfortunately they can, and they do. No amount of us saying otherwise will stop them.

    Carve your own road.


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    Funny, someone on here the other day was arguing that the government will uphold their end of the agreement with regards to pensions and health care. I laughed. Get used to this Japan. At least this guy is getting a pension. I expect nothing though I pay for it. Out of my own damn pocket.

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    That is why You don't pay into the NENKIN or other pensions as its not a guarantee

    And even if you do the math , you would have to live until you are over 85 to see any real gain from a pension

    You would do a lot better if you took that money and invested it yourself, or used it to start your own business that way you aren't forced to pay into the Social Security that you will never be able to collect

    Its always better to control your own finances and plan your own future than it is to leave it in the hands of others (especially the govt)

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    Shame that nenkin and hoken are legally required to pay. Ashamed they don't punish those not paying - perhaps if everyone paid, it wouldn't be in such a tight spot. I'd love not to pay but since I follow the law...

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