Japan is on the edge of changing the world economic picture. There is just one thing that has to happen; the new Japanese Prime Minister follows up his threat to strip the Bank of Japan of its independence.

Forbes contributor Clem Chambers

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    Wow, government controlled central banks. How revolutionary. That this whole "changing the world" fantasy is based on a Japanese PM following up on a campaign "threat" is laughable. Good luck with that.

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    Click on "BOJ" to Trash Bin. Unbelievable!!

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    This guy's way off base. The private sector is mainly to blame for deflation: the banks and corporations are sitting on record of piles of cash and refusing to spend it or loan it. Much of that liquidity was thanks to the BOJ's many years of very generous QE.

    When will people realize that the problem is with the private sector, NOT the public sector?

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    I am with you on this. Japanese banks are sitting on pile of cash not lending it as they are not willing to take a risk. At the same time, business is not willing to explore the alternatives or new innovative products with a bang. BOJ has tried everything as possible in the past and failed. I see it the way you see it. Japan needs a structural change in economic model.

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