People’s mindsets have greatly changed with the North Korean tests and Chinese intrusions. Support is widening for the idea that Japan should assume a bigger security role.

Akihisa Nagashima, a former vice defense minister and member of the opposition Democratic Party of Japan. (Christian Science Monitor)

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    It wasn't the NK tests and Chinese "intrusions" that did this, it was the constant barrage from the media.

    And, of course, the Japanese willingness to accept as true everything they see on TV or read in a newspaper.

    If Abe wants to fix these problems, he will meet NK and Chinese leaders, TALK AND LISTEN.

    He doesn't appear to have the guts to do these things.

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    Steve Christian

    Classic nonsense speech from a politician. Neither of those things have anything to do with bucking for a bigger security role, I assume with the U.N., as I must, because its not at all clear what he is muttering about.

    Not many people out there I like in any of these roles, but, the Japanese seem to be particularly inept. About the last thing I would want is for some Japanese to have their hands on any of the controls, because if its not them mucking it up, it will be their handlers in the Prime Minister's office (the one with the revolving door) or the Diet.

    No thanks buddy. Japan can continue to make political deals with NK, but let some mature people with a little foresight handle the world security.

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    The most damage did those government organised mobs on the streets of Chineses cities hunting down japanese people and property. Imagine you're a tourist in China and the Chinese gov't decides it doesn't agree with your gov't and sends out hunting parties after you.

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    As always the wrong diagnosis. Who gains from the current China-Japan conflict? Not China. Not Japan. Only the U.S. The real enemy is, and has always been, the U.S.

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