The exemption allows troops on the mainland to stay out until 1 a.m. to enjoy the arrival of the New Year with their Japanese hosts, although they must stop drinking by 12:30 a.m.

U.S. Air Force Lt Gen Sam Angelella, in a memo to all military personnel in Japan. Some U.S. troops in Japan can ring in 2013 outside the gates thanks to a one-night-only New Year’s Eve curfew extension. (Stars & Stripes)

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    What do you expect from a country where everybody acts like babies. The curfew will not last too long. Why? By spending more time on base, troops will consume more utilities, (electricity, steam, water, and sewage), mostly paid by the Japanese government. Still, the US will also see an increase in next month bills and it does not take a scientist to figure out the reason for the increased consumption. And we are in an austerity program as we speak.

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    And then some idiot will get wasted, be unable to stop drinking at 12:30, fight, rob or sexually assault, someone, or break into someones property after being unable to get back to base on time. Okinawa people will be outraged and another curfew will be put into place.

    Then the whole vicious cycle will start again.

    I don't understand why they are being given an exemption.

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    What's wrong with staying home and watch it on TV just this once? They are adults, they won't pout.

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    "they must stop drinking by 12:30am "

    This is ridiculous, no adult Japanese are subjected to this rule, even though there are thousands of rapes committed by Japanese men every year.

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