The people of Okinawa were betrayed by the incoherent policies of the DPJ government.

Incoming Prime Minister Shinzo Abe, who says he will seek the understanding of Okinawans for a plan to relocate the U.S. base at Futenma to Henoko in line with Japan’s agreement with the U.S. government. (NHK)

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    Abe is correct - the DPJ promised to address the US presence there . . . .HOWEVER - - - the jury is still our whether Abe will take the usual LDP stance of acquiescng to American demands, or if he WILL HAVE THE VIOSION< COURAGE and INTIATIVE TO DEFINE A NEW PATH WITH USA.

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    I have to agree, Abe is correct. The DPJ has raised the hopes of the Okinawan people, and even he must have known that he was talking nonsense. Japan has absolutely no say what happens with the US army. Japan is still an occupied country, and will remain one for along time to come. It was a silly idea to make the people of Okinawa believe that he can change anything about this. He should instead have told them the truth, that there is nothing to discuss. Japan has lost WW II and still has to accept the simple fact, that the winnner is in charge. So, for example, whatever Abe does in respect to the Senkakus, he does because Washinton tells him to. The actions or words of a japanese Priome Minister simply tell us what the US has decided for him to do at that moment. I If Article 9 will be changed or not, also ONLY depends on wether the US sees this as something to its own advantage. It will simply reflect how prepared the US is to even riskt a war with China, on Japan's soil of course, in its attempt to hold China back from taking over as the leading superpower from the US, who is simply on its way down.....

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