The return of Abe and LDP was foremost a rejection of the DPJ, but also reflects an embrace of conservative views after recent years of strained relations with Japan's close neighbors. Chinese assertiveness and North Korean provocations nudged the public from its usual post-war complacency toward a new desire to stand up for Japanese sovereignty.

Analyst Bruce Klingner of the Heritage Foundation think tank in Washington. (Reuters)

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    The Heritage Foundation? Oh yes, aren't they the ones who said Iraq would welcome US as liberators, the war would be over in a few weeks, and all that Iraq oil would flow to the US? So how did that go? Same for this piece of blather. Obviously he has never been to Japan or speaks Japanese. Doesn't have a clue.

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    nudged the public from its usual post-war complacency

    Nonsense...only 59% of the voters even bothered voting. And the LDP got the victory simply because the DPJ was so totally inept. The complacency lives on and will get even stronger if the LDP starts printing money like they said they would. The complacency will only be truly shaken if folks actually start feeling the pain from having a 237% debt-to-GDP ratio. Until then, nothing matters.

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    Thomas Anderson

    Nonsense...only 59% of the voters even bothered voting.

    And only about 15%-24% of the voters voted for LDP.

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    The so-called discussion if y'all are interested.

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    Peter Payne

    From my post on J-List:

    Voters returned the reigns to the old guard for several reasons, including frustration over the rocky economy and unfulfilled promises in the DJP's "Manifesto" plus four years of ineptly handled foreign diplomacy, which caused important international relationships to suffer, including Japan's ties with the U.S. They are also betting that the incoming Prime Minister Abe (ah-bey, not like the American President) will be better able to resist encroachment from China on the Senkaku Islands, a dispute which caused terrible anti-Japan riots this year. There's hope that the business situation will improve for Japanese companies, too. While the DPJ had been positively hostile to business, refusing to listen to advice from the Japan Business Federation (Keidanren) or aid important companies like Panasonic, Sony and Sharp, the election of the pro-business LDP has already sent the stock market here soaring.

    Not that the LDP is perfect or good by any means, but AT LEAST let's realize that business and exports and the "brand" of Japan's strong companies is really important, perhaps more important than a stupid "Manifesto" filled with promises that can't possibly be kept.

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    And only about 15%-24% of the voters voted for LDP.

    Is that the percent of eligible voters, the percent of votes or the percent of actual voters?

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    Thomas Anderson

    The total percent of all eligible voters.

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