What Japan needs to do is, not send more planes, but show sincerity and action and talk with China.

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokeswoman Hua Chunying, accusing Japan of raising regional tensions with its increased use of fighter jets to monitor Chinese aircraft that approach a cluster of islands claimed by both countries. (AP)

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    Why on Earth doesn't Abe do this?

    Honest two way communication that leads to understanding will resolve the issue.

    Getting heavy won't.

    Abe should go to China.

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    House Atreides

    What Japan needs to do is, not send more planes, but show sincerity and action and talk with China.

    The Vietnamese tried this on March 20, 2013.

    "all of the fishermen went to sit on the deck to show the Chinese vessel that we were not armed, but the Chinese vessel shot four or five times at our cabin and it was burnt fiercely,"

    Diplomacy with China is useless unless you back it up with force.

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    It is entirely fair for Japan to send planes when China continuously bullies them over these islands. It is China who should stop pressing unwarranted territorial claims. The US returned these island to Japan after the war. They belong to Japan.

    China is bullying not only Japan but Vietnam, the Philippines, Taiwan and other states over the same kind of unfounded claims. So it is China who is acting in the wrong here BertieWooster.

    In the face of a bully you really do have only two choices. 1. Comply and be at the mercy of the bully forever. 2. Resist.

    Japan is doing exactly what is required here. Restrained resistance. It is China who need to stop behaving badly.

    Though both nations need to put their right wing morons on a shorter leash to keep them from making matters worst.

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    just build a patriot missile base on the island already! then no need to send fighters!

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    Talk about what, exactly? Sharing? Like that's going to happen. China wants them, Japan "has" them - what is there to talk about? The only "sincere talk" China wants to hear is Japan relinquishing the claim; the only talk Japan wants to hear is China doing the same.

    This is so obviously a ploy at false rationality it's ludicrous; eye-rolling. Which isn't to say the two sides shouldn't talk, nor that both sides aren't guilty of bad faith statements, but is there really a snowball's chance in h*ll either side would budge from its position? Who wants to bet on that horse?

    Too bad there isn't an internationally neutral mechanism for settling this rationally... oh wait, there is: the World Court. But no, neither side would agree to settle the matter in a legal contest, because there's no upside for either of them; they might both lose.

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    not send more planes, but show sincerity and action

    I wish PRC would practice what they preach then things will become more constructive.

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    Pretty two faced comment by the Chinese there - they keep sending boats out to the islands of all kinds, including 'trawlers' (we all know from the Cold War that fishing boats in these situations are never what they seem). Until and unless the Chinese stop this then I don't see Japan ever getting round a table to chat about them.

    China will never give up there claim... likewise Japan will never let them go.

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    Talk about what? Only thing China wants to hear is that they can have the islands.

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