Women are a very important, still untapped resource. The market requires much more female input in terms of product design, engineering, and even manufacturing and distributing the product.

Nissan Chief Executive Officer Carlos Ghosn. Among the 780,000 people employed in Japan’s auto industry, only three are women responsible for the rollout of new models .. and they all work at Nissan. (Bloomberg)

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    Glad to hear this. Perhaps he could do something to help support the women/families more at his company?

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    This is true. . .It would have trully been an enlightened statement coming from a JAPANESE CEO......But it is Carlos Ghosn - a westerner , predictibly........................JAPANESE CORPORATIONS have a lot to learn and and are losing out because ot traditional reliance on bureaucractic promotions in a MALE DOMINATED business cULTURE that has become mediorcre, lost its vision and adaptibility..................By, .OPENING the GLASS CEILING to women would drive innvovation & bring the technological genious of this country back to the cutting edge of the market place,

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    Umm Duh! Not just in business!.

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    If they do stuff like designing then who makes the tea?

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    We'd tap that.

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