Cash-strapped Panasonic to stop sponsoring Ishikawa

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    one of the things I was not able to grasp was the tenecity of the big companies in Japan to had kept screwing their consumers in Japan...yes the prices of their products are more expensive in Japan than elsewhere in the world.

    I remember their dvd player was being sold for 50,000 while the rest of other products made in Taiwan, Korea, and Chian are being sold for 5,000 Yen. That goes same with their TV, it was being sold for 250,000 Y while the LG was a quarter of that...

    and finally, Japanese consumers wise up. They dump their cell phone to get an iphone (and the price is even cheaper), they dumped SONY, PANSONIC, NEC etc and started buying LG, Acer, ASUS, iPod, iPad,...which was unthinkable few years ago.

    A PS3 is being sold for 30,000Y while the US counterpart is being sold for 200 USD go figure.

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    Damn. I'm a loyal panasonic customer. When you find stuff that works, you stick with it. This is a bummer, I hope the company comes through this. For Osaka!!

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    Its not like Ishikawa needs it anymore, he has a lot of money already. :)

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    The country’s economic slowdown has also forced other major companies to reconsider sponsoring golf tournaments. The number of domestic tournaments next year has been cut to 23 from 25.

    And with the country entering another recession, sports in Japan will likely feel the pinch even further. The elevator is headed down.

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