Rakuten Eagles back ex-MLB star despite arrest

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    At the moment, it is our understanding that he did not do anything wrong - Rakuten Eagles public relations director Yoshiki Sato .

    We received a report it was a domestic fight which escalated, Eagles president Yozo Tachibana told Japanese media. Unless there is any more big surprises, we intend to go ahead as planned with his contract.

    Really?!? So that is the company line. What about the visible injuries she sustained? So let me get this straight, it's OK to beat your wife, tell her you want to kill her and then act like nothing happened. I'm sure that the Eagles are more concerned with filling seats than with more important issues, like supporting the victims of domestic violence. Just last month NFL player, Javon Belcher shot (10 times, yes you read that right, 10 times) and killed his girlfriend, Kasandra Perkins, before taking his own life, leaving their three month old daughter without a mother. I am sure Nicole Jones was scared: From Jones grabbed her by the ankle, pulled her down and put his hands around her neck and said, "I want to kill you, I want to [expletive] kill you."

    They should take a stand by terminating his contract and sending a message that domestic violence is not to be tolerated on any level.

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    Mark Elrod

    This is Japan, domestic violence laws are not as strict as they are in the United States. Additoinally, there is not as much "political-correct" public pressure as there is in the United States. So, why would they hold it against him?

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