Surging and stumbling toward NFL playoffs

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    Is it just me that has the impression, that the NFL has gotten a lot worse, than it used to be?

    30 years ago I lived in San Diego for a season. I watched Dan Fouts and Kellen Winslow, what I see now must be coming from a different planet.... Incredible multiple interceptions from lousy quarterbacks, dropped passes by the dozen.

    Is it just me?

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    It's a more pass-happy league, so of course there'd be more pass plays, more interceptions, dropped passes, but also more catches, more passing TDs, more passing yards. WR Calvin "Megatron" Johnson just passed Jerry Rice's single-season receiving yards with 1 more game to play. A couple years ago, 3 quarterbacks surpassed 5,000 passing yards (with a 4th just shy of 5,000) when previously only Dan Marino was able to do it.

    It's perplexing how RB Adrian Peterson is currently challenging the single-season rushing yardage in an era where there's a lot less rush/game.

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