Takahashi defends choice of music by 'deaf fraud'

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    Realistically it was far too late to change this close out from the games, nice catchy headline to try and spin a story though.

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    Why does Takahashi need to defend himself as though HE did something wrong? He said he felt astonished, but he was doing it because he likes the music, not NOT doing it because of what the fake composer did. And at any rate, Carcharadon is correct -- there is no way he could have changed the music and routine at this stage in the game. I just wish they'd stop calling it Samuragochi's music given that it's not his.

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    Is it too late for him to skate to something by Milli Vanilli?


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    Hide Suzuki

    He doesn't have to defend anything.

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    Wishing Dai-chan the very best performance! He's an admirable man and skater.

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    @ RomeoR - ha ha! How good would it be to see that! Good luck, Mr.Takahashi. Shame he was caught up in this musical fraud.

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