4 gadgets that defined Vegas electronics show

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    Regarding the TV, while a HD, OLED tvs sized 56- to 84 inch is more than welcome, I would never buy a $10K or $20K tv unless it did more. I mean that's totally crazy. but I can imagine the rich and wealthy people who likes to get the best and high-tech to impress their "friends" and others would spend that much for something like that.

    Regarding "Pebble" watch - what the difference compared to the already available Sony http://www.sonymobile.com/us/products/accessories/smartwatch/ is is basically the same. play your music as a remote (headphones/earphones are necessary, or play via speakerphone), check messages, answer phonecalls, check facebook and twitters, among others.

    Regarding the Gesture Camera, it's actually a nice idea. With the popularity of the Xbox 360 Kinect, it's nice to have a similar camera for a broader applications. But I hope they keep remote, keyboard and mice as alternatives and backup unless something screws up.

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    wow that foldable, rollable smasung phone in the picture. me wants.

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    To me the only thing interesting at CES was Liquidpel. Water proof you phone, tablet, media player, etc. And this year they were pushing health device onto the cloud. For example a case and app the converts you iPhone into a EKG/ECG machine and sent it to you doc.

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    Korlacan Khanthavilay

    If I was rich, I'd buy a $10-$20k UltraHD TV. I love watching movies on a big screen, but I hate going to a movie theatre. Crappy parking, disgusting seats, annoying people, overpriced snacks, then the traffic trying to leave. Last movie I've watched at the theatre was Shaun of the Dead. I got a 40" HDTV, then later on a 50" HDTV. Haven't bothered with the theatre since. Maybe when I own a big enough house and the prices go down, will I have a nice 80" UltraHD tv.

    Nothing at CES has really impressed me. Big TVs that majority can't afford and the rest is just the same old things that came out last year, just with faster procs or more memory.

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