Apple, Google chiefs face questioning over poaching workers

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    I see nothing wrong in asking your competitor to stop teasing your employees. Asking. Now, a deal between gentlemen is completely wrong. I doubt that they reached any sort of secret agreement on this.

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    Vermillion Brent

    It is just another example of the frivolous litigation that is a constant problem in the United States.

    I am of the opinion that if a company wishes to respect another company and choose not to hire anyone currently employed by that company they should be allowed to have such an agreement openly and as a written policy. A policy like this also helps to prevent conflicts of interest and corporate espionage.

    It should be up to the applicant if they want to take the chance and quit their current employer to apply if they believe they can have a better career at the new company. The companies should not be held responsible for the actions and career potential of the employees because they choose not to hire.

    I sincerely hope this case fails.

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    Korlacan Khanthavilay

    It's a non-compete agreement. It's nothing new in the tech industry. Now, California doesn't allow non-compete agreements (except in small instances).

    Anyways, agreements between large companies happen all the time. I seriously don't see any reason why they didn't agree to not poach each other's workers. As in, constantly try to pick up someone else's employee. If the employee willingly left and move to a different company, than I'd say that's fair game and the agreement doesn't come into play.

    We'll see what was actually going, I guess.

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