Boeing engineers use potatoes to improve in-air Wi-Fi

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    Mr. Potato Head finally makes the big time.

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    20 bucks for 35 mb download no thanks

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    Boeing is irresponsibly putting the lives of their passengers at risk. for years, the airlines have ordered me to switch off my devices because their signals can interfere with the plane's navigation system.

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    They could've just put in some TVs and used couch potatoes!

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    Korlacan Khanthavilay

    I never turn off my electronics during takeoff and landings. I just keep rocking on with my bluetooth headphones. I don't know how many plane flights or helicopter flights I've been on.

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    Frank Vaughn

    "SPUDS" Got to love it.

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    Thinking back to some of the flights I've had, I would much rather have sat next to a sack of potatoes.

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