Carmakers let app developers drive innovation

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    As long as it is not an apple I'm fine with it. An apple would try to tell me how to drive and more than likely tell me where to go.

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    The truck also includes the option of using a 3G cellular phone chip inside the vehicle itself to become a Wi-Fi hotspot for $15 a day. That could be an attractive feature for people who might want to use the truck for a tail-gate party.

    There is no price set for this yet, but there is no way people will pay $15 a day to become a wifi hotspot when you can get that feature and tethering for free (sometimes takes a phone hack) and I believe AT+T charges $20 a month extra for it (existing data plan). I do like all the new features plans like this offer for cars, but do i really need it or will I use them (great for travelers).

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